Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse brings a bit of glamour and female charm to the world of Disney; she instantly caught the eyes of Mickey, and the rest is history. Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been sweethearts ever since they set eyes on each other, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t fall out every now and then!

Minnie and Mickey are prone to the odd bicker but they always make up, with Mickey usually apologising and making amends for his latest embarrassing event, with love shining through.

She could never stay angry at Mickey and his cute smile for long anyway!

Minnie Mouse is the Disney queen and she is known for having a good eye for fashion. Minnie has a love of polka dots and she’s never without her bow, which is usually bright pink to match her happy-go-lucky personality.

Minnie mouse is best friends with Daisy Duck and the two of them enjoy having a good catch-up. Minnie also likes to dance and have parties, as well as baking cakes and growing petunias in her garden when she gets time.

One of Minnie Mouse's prized possessions is her pet kitten, Figaro, who she looks after along with Mickey, and Figaro is just as sweet and adorable as she is!