Disney TRON

Filled with a code that drives the actions of programs, defining all the rules and objects, Disney’s TRON combines dangerous weapons and ruthless, evil villains. Taking place in a digital world where computer programs take on the characteristics and behaviours of people, the Disney TRON universe has advanced drastically in time for TRON Legacy

Created within ENCOM's mainframe, the TRON system was a brand new world able to flourish in astounding, unbelievable ways. In 1982 Kevin Flynn found himself being digitised by a laser when the mainframe’s Master Control Program sensed his intrusion, plunging him into a fantasy world that was designed to develop and evolve far beyond its early capabilities.  

Kevin Flynn found it harder and harder to make time for his work, wife and son, Sam Flynn, though he always made it clear he was onto something that would change the world. In the second Disney TRON film trailer, we see Kevin leave for work and never come home.

Now, while 28 years have passed in the real world, an incredible 1000 years have flown by in the Disney TRON universe.

As expected, the passing of a millennium has led to countless events and historic moments in the TRON world: get ready for the full Disney experience with TRON Legacy and Tron Evolution, the video game, when developments and mysteries will be answered.

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