Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey is the perfect video game for you if you’ve grown up watching Mickey Mouse cartoons and DVDs. You’ll love the video game that lets you control the loveable mouse. A computer game that has been created for the Nintendo Wii, Epic Mickey allows you to control Mickey Mouse yourself and navigate him through a number of adventures. Your journey will be one of discovery and creativity, and in your quest to become the ultimate hero of Epic Mickey you will need to use your imagination to turn the wasteland in which Mickey finds himself into a colourful world.

Epic Mickey gives you the power to shape the world the way you want to and use the paint to impact the landscape you create; the choices you make will directly affect the outcome of the game. You will have to face some difficult challenges and collect a number of pins on your quest to bring colour to the Epic Mickey wasteland. You will also have to tackle some classic platform levels in addition to the action-adventure and role playing elements of the game, as you take Mickey on an epic journey that neither he nor you will ever forget in Epic Mickey on the Nintendo Wii.