TRON Legacy Soundtrack

A generation passed since the original Tron movie was released. Sci-fi fans have demanded that the sequel be just as groundbreaking - and this means having a Tron Legacy soundtrack capable of transporting you into a surreal, dark cyber universe.

For Tron Daft Punk will be creating the soundtrack. Perfectly complementing the adventures of computer genius Kevin Flynn, the Tron Legacy soundtrack reflects Tron's digital make-up and the computer programs, many of which resemble humans, who live there.

Despite creating Tron City, the Grid and Outlands, Flynn is stuck in a world that he has became obsessed with since creating it way back in the early 80s.

The incredible Tron Legacy soundtrack is the band's first music project since the 2007 Alive and 2005 Human After All albums, a title Flynn could do with being reminded of having been stuck in the Tron world since 1989.

While Daft Punk's influence is most heavily felt, Disney Tron is keeping much of the Tron Legacy soundtrack under wraps, but the tracks will take you into a world that has never before graced the big screen; one full of complicated virtual weapons, landscapes and vehicles.

Watch the TRON Derezzed Daft Punk music video to hear a snippet from the score.

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