Tron 3D IMAX is a concept that leaves many science fiction fans’ mouths watering.

The Tron 3D IMAX world run by computer programs, all of which are able to replicate the behaviour and characteristics of people, has advanced 1,000 years since Kevin Flynn last paid it a visit.

Kevin Flynn, the ENCOM computer wizard, has been trapped in the universe of Light Ribbons, Tron Light Cycle battles and Matrix Blasters since 1989. Despite defeating the Master Control Program, he has been unable to escape to the real world.

After being nominated for two Academy Awards following its release in 1982, few could have envisaged witnessing a sequel using the latest in 3D IMAX technology for Tron.

This promises to dramatically improve the Tron 3D IMAX spectacle, with battle sequences featuring never-before-imagined weapons and vehicles taking place in gladiatorial style.

Jeff Bridges resumes his lead role as computer genius Kevin Flynn, although this time around he relies on a little help from his 27-year-old son Sam Flynn, who he hasn't seen for two decades.

The action-packed Tron 3D IMAX adventure will document the pair's attempt at escaping an all-consuming digital world; one that has advanced considerably since the early 80s.

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