TRON 2010

Kevin Flynn, the ENCOM computer programmer-turned-hacker, is the face of Tron 2010, as the digital world he created arrives back on the big screen in Tron 3D.

After 28 years, it's the longest elapsed period of time between the live action Tron film and its sequel, TRON Legacy, in Hollywood history. Despite the record-breaking gap, the much-anticipated movie will feature the return of Jeff Bridges in his original lead role.

If it felt like a long time in the real world, some 1,000 years have elapsed until Tron 2010. Flynn has been stuck there since 1989, and will have to rely on some new Tron characters if he wants to resume his normal family life.

One of the most prominent is his reclusive yet tough son Sam Flynn, who hasn't seen his illustrious father since his disappearance over two decades ago. Sam has something of a talent for extreme stunts, and base jumping and parachuting in particular.

These skills may well come in handy during his foray into the digital world in Tron 2010, for which he is joined by fearless female warrior Quorra.

This universe has come a long way since its creation in the early 80s to Tron 2010, and the villainous programs it contains will do everything to ensure that the threesome will need to hone their skills if they want to escape.

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