TRON 2 Legacy

Some 28 years have elapsed since movie goers were introduced to a dark, strange world run and controlled by computer programs. Brace yourselves for a return to this digital universe in Tron 2 Legacy.

Things have changed in Tron 2 Legacy. Changed a lot.

The Master Control Program may have been defeated thanks to the genius of Kevin Flynn, but things have advanced beyond all recognition from the early digital world that most of us remember.

Flynn has been missing for a long time. Having left for work one evening in 1989, he was never seen again. Since then, his all-action son Sam Flynn has grown up. After Alan Bradley receives a mysterious message emanating from Flynn’s Arcade, Sam takes up the challenge of finding him.

Sam will have to rely on personified computer programs during his quest in Tron 2 Legacy - one that not even his wildest imagination could have prepared him for.

Weapons such as the Baton, Identity Disc and Light Grenade are now the tools of choice in battles, which are truly brought to life thanks to stunning Tron 3D visuals.

Will Kevin Flynn be reunited with his family in the human world? Things may depend on Tron 2 Legacy’s ruthless master villain, and he is certainly no pushover.

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