TRON toys

Back in 1982, Tomy produced Tron toys figures for the TRON series. The three main character figures, Tron, Sark and Flynn came with the glow-in-the-dark discs and remain hugely collectable.

Moulded in transparent plastic with glow in the dark detailing and accessories, the Tron toys and Tron figures have since been recreated. Today, there’s a new set of Tron toys and action figures for Tron fans new and old. As well as the iconic video game, there will be a number of limited edition Tron toys and action figures.

Paying homage to the original film and the 3D sequel TRON Legacy, Tron toys, games and action figures are a must for fans of the films. Search out Kevin Flynn in action man form, or look for Sam Flynn, Gem or Quorra to complete your existing collection.

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