TRON Rinzler

We all remember Clu, Kevin Flynn's infamous hacker program from way back in 1982. Well, Clu has evolved and this time around, he'll be relying on a little bit of help from Tron Rinzler.

Tron’s Rinzler, a skilled fighter and a key ally of Clu, is a new character in TRON Legacy, and the personification of just how far the cyber universe has advanced over the last two decades.

Riding his speedy Tron Light Cycle and armed with his most useful weapon, the Identity Disk, Rinzler is a fierce champion of the gladiator-style games and helps keep programs under control.

Rinzler will have a new challenge in TRON Legacy. Kevin Flynn, his 27-year-old son Sam Flynn, and the female warrior Quorra put Rinzler’s skills to the test. Tron Rinzler and the other Tron characters are in for a fight.

It is these battles that are among the most exciting features of Tron Legacy, a dark cyber world.

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