TRON Quorra

Tron’s Quorra is a fearless female warrior immersed in the dark and complex digital world of TRON Legacy.

Played by Olivia Wilde, Tron’s Quorra serves as a loyal confidante to Sam Flynn in a strange virtual universe of computer programs - one that has come a long way since the early 80s and the days of Sam's father, Kevin.

So what does Quorra get up to the much-anticipated sequel to Tron? Well, we can't reveal too much, but she is an integral character in Sam and Kevin Flynn escaping the grasp of a villain in the digital world they are in.

It won't be easy - the Tron System contains programs that are more powerful and more complex than ever. Will the three complete their mission? Whatever happens, Tron’s Quorra will be vital over the course of their mission.

Quorra, who wears armor more advanced than those worn in the original motion picture, is involved in some stunning Tron 3D action sequences. Indeed, the entire Tron film has been shot in 3D - so watch out for those Tron Light Cycle scenes as they go speeding by.

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