Olivia Wilde TRON

TRON Legacy will see the emergence of the Olivia Wilde Tron character Quorra, a computer program that effortlessly combines beauty and battle hardiness in the upcoming movie.

Played by Olivia Wilde, Tron’s Quorra isn't your average computer program. An intelligent, fearless warrior, she is more than a match for her rivals on the digital battlefield, and is a useful compatriot to Kevin Flynn, the computer genius who inhabits the world he created.

She joins Flynn and his now grown-up son Sam as they try to keep Tron's ruthless villain at bay. Their priority is to escape a cyber universe that has is out of control - and one that is almost unrecognisable as the universe that first arrived on the big screen in the early 80s.

Olivia Wilde relishes her role on the Grid, and the battle sequences in which she is involved are superbly brought to life thanks to the wonders of Tron 3D.

These scenes are wonderfully complemented by the Tron Daft Punk score, with the French electro duo having scored the production.

Olivia Wilde won’t reveal too much about Quorra's role: while she is critical to Kevin and Sam Flynn's escape efforts, it will remain to be seen whether or not they can successfully complete their mission in Tron.

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