TRON Light Cycle

It is one of the most exciting vehicles in the world of science fiction. The Tron Light Cycle, developed by computer programmer Kevin Flynn back in 1982, boasted incredibly quick acceleration and lightning-fast speeds.

It's been 28 years since the Tron Light Cycle graced the big screen, but the program-driven vehicle, a mainstay of Flynn's digital universe, is all set to return with a brand new and improved appearance and out-of-this-world capabilities.

The Tron Light Cycle initially rose to prominence during the reign of the Master Control Program, Tron's main villain. Under his evil stewardship, the vehicles were used in gladiator-style battles to leave an impenetrable light ribbon behind them.

Unfortunately for the first light cycles, during the game their brakes were disabled and, because of their ability to travel extremely quickly, this proved particularly hazardous.

Despite their speed and ability to outmanoeuvre tanks and recognizers, light cycles can be destroyed by a single tank arrow, de-rezzing or mortally wounding the driver.

TRON Legacy will feature a new generation of the Tron Light Cycle.

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