Kevin Flynn

Kevin Flynn is back. He's been trapped in the stunning cyber Universe of TRON for 25 years, a world unlike anything before seen on the big screen. When we last saw Flynn in the 1982 film TRON, he looked as though he'd become a major player at the ENCOM corporation after exposing Senior Executive VP Ed Dillinger as a thief who stole his video game programs. Where is he now? Well. Kevin Flynn is back in TRON Legacy.

He’s been trapped in the stunning cyber universe of TRON for 25 years, unlike anything yet seen on the big screen, the advances in ENCOM’s world are stunning and the games are deadlier and more dangerous than ever before. Can Flynn survive?

Jeff Bridges stars as the protagonist hacker, Kevin Flynn. A gifted software engineer working for ENCOM, Kevin's created several video games. He aimed to start his own company, but TRON saw programmer Ed Dillinger lock Kevin out of the company's system and present his work as his own. Kevin Flynn tried to hack into the ENCOM mainframe to find much-needed evidence of Ed's wrong doing in 1982.

TRON Legacy sees the Oscar-winning American actor star alongside Garrett Hedlund as his son, Sam Flynn. See Sam race across the town to the arcade where his father disappeared years earlier announcing that he was “going to change everything — science, medicine, religion.” Find out what happens to Kevin Flynn in the new TRON film.

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