Jeff Bridges TRON

A generation has elapsed since Jeff Bridges stepped into the role of computer genius Kevin Flynn in the original Tron, an employee of ENCOM and the man responsible for creating some of the world's most successful video games.

Jeff Bridges is set to return as Flynn, a man stuck in a complicated and confusing cyber world – one, ironically, that he created - in the long awaited sequel TRON Legacy. Despite enjoying successful battles, there is seemingly no escape from the Tron System and the computer wizard certainly isn't getting any younger.

If only he could be rescued. Well, fortunately the son he last saw as a boy has grown into a man and despite being something of a recluse, has a penchant for extreme stunts.

While this can only go some way to preparing Jeff Bridges for the gladiatorial virtual battles that take place in Tron, perhaps there is not better person equipped to rescue Flynn than his 27-year-old son Sam Flynn.

Sam quickly has to get to grips with riding the Tron Light Cycle and using highly complex weapons, and one program in particular is very keen to see him fail. His mission cannot be completed alone, and he is joined for the ride by the fearless Quorra.

Just as Kevin and Sam have changed, so too has the world around them. Many technological advances have been made since Jeff Bridges first starred in the original Tron in 1982, and the three heroes come up against landscapes they had never before imagined.

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