TRON Jarvis

Tron Jarvis, right-hand man informative officer of Clu , will play a key role in the digital world of TRON Legacy that we haven't laid eyes on in almost three decades.

The original movie, released in 1982, featured Jeff Bridges as protagonist hacker Kevin Flynn. Clu, his program which looked like him, was charged with doing what he couldn't in the electronic world.

Tron’s Jarvis, played by James Frain, is never far from Clu’s side. Tron Jarvis is set for an important role in the sequel to the cyber adventure, as Clu’s right-hand program. While we can't reveal too much about the movie, we can promise an incredible journey through a stunning digital universe.

This time around, we follow Kevin Flynn's 27-year-old son Sam Flynn, played by Garrett Hedlund, as he investigates the details of his father's disappearance all those years ago.

He soon becomes immersed in a world that many of us became familiar with in the early 80s; one ruled by fierce programs and epic cyber games.

Now, however, things have become far more advanced. How powerful have Clu and Tron’s Jarvis become? Watch the Tron 2010 film to find out.

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