Tron’s Gem is one of several of TRON Legacy’s program, which includes the Black Guards, the vivacious Castor, Clu, Jarvis, Quorra and Rinzler. Played by actress Beau Garrett, Tron’s Gem belongs to group of programs known as Sirens.

Gem’s function, as with all Sirens, is to prepare programs for the games by providing fitted armour – and in Sam Flynn’s case – an identity disc. Tron Gem is a program that outfits other programs with armour for gladiator-style games. She works in the armoury underneath the Tron universe disc game arena.

Tron Gem shows up again later in TRON Legacy as another of the film’s key characters. Gem’s ally is Castor, a program that owns and runs a nightclub in the Disney TRON universe. Castor is played by actor Michael Sheen.

Rinzler, who is a special TRON Legacy program, with Gem, is Clu’s right hand man and enforcer. He has the capability of splitting his disk into two thinner disks during disk battles.

Played by American actress and model, Beau Garrett, Tron’s Gem is a futuristic-looking white female character. She stars alongside Garrett Hedlund, Michael Sheen and Olivia Wilde, amongst many other TRON characters.

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