Garrett Hedlund TRON

Having played the role superbly in the original movie in 1982, Jeff Bridges returns in TRON Legacy alongside the Garrett Hedlund Tron character Sam, who plays his on-screen son.

Kevin Flynn, a computer genius and responsible for much of ENCOM's success almost 30 years ago, has been missing following his obsession with the Tron world.

At just 27-years-old, Sam Flynn is something of a recluse. He is, however, incredibly fit and something of a daredevil, regularly performing stunts such as such as base jumping and parachuting.

Excelling in the role, Garrett Hedlund's Tron character receives a mysterious phone call from an abandoned arcade occupied by his father more than 20 years ago. When he arrives there to investigate, he discovers a digitizer - the tool he needs to enter the world where his father has been for so long.

With the help of female warrior Quorra, played by Olivia Wilde, Garrett Hedlund’s character Sam tries to take back his dad from an all-encompassing Tron cyber universe run by super-advanced computer programs, many of which have a penchant for gladiatorial-style games.

There is one opponent particularly keen on not letting Flynn and his son escape from the world of Tron. Will they succeed? Whatever happens, Flynn will have to rely on a combination of his technical expertise and some battle hardiness in a quest that would have been impossible to prepare for.

Garrett Hedlund joins the cast for what is expected to be an explosive sequel to Tron.

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