Immerse yourself deep in the exciting universe of Disney’s TRON with the TRON game. The third person action-adventure game, available for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PSP, Nintendo Wii and DS, and PC explores TRON's cities using Parkour, the free-running French-based phenomenon.

Navigate among unique factions and fight epic battles, with TRON game features including High Mobility Combat, Vehicular Action, Bridge the Legacy and Online/Multiplayer. The TRON Evolution battle grids Tron game for the Nintendo Wii is an edge-of-the-seat game set in combat areas and streets of the Grid.

Fight, race and play combat games to become the ultimate champion as you experience TRON Legacy via this new TRON game. Features of the Nintendo Wii game include Grid Championship Battle, Story Mode and Character Creation. Battle your way through combat games including light bike racing, light runner vehicle combat or more. Alternatively, unlock more of the TRON mythology as you try to become the game grid's champion.

Create your own TRON game character with the accessible character creation system. In the Grid Games, hop on a Tron light cycle to compete in thrilling race matches in and out of arenas in the TRON universe. With multiplayer, you can play in Grid Games with up to four mates in head-to-head matches.

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