TRON figures

Take on the role of Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn, Alan Bradley or any of your favourite Tron characters with Tron figures. Central character Kevin Flynn has experienced things no other human has. He's witnesses a strange digital world, been attacked by his own creations, and battled for his life.

Incredibly, he’s lived to tell the tale.

In 1981, Tomy released a number of collectable Tron figures, based on the movie. A little taller than most 3 3/4 figures, all Tomy figures feature a solid construction and exhibited five points of articulation: neck, shoulders and hops, with the exception of Warrior. Made in transparent plastic, in 2002, NECA re-released the Tomy Tron figures and came limited on a Tomy-style card, and unlimited on a Neca new card. NECA also re-released the red and yellow light cycles, and added a blue light cycle.

Re-enact your favourite TRON film scenes with realistic-looking Tron figures. After returning from the perilous digital realm, Kevin did what any brilliant video-game designer would do after seeing an impossible world: he made it into a game called Tron. That game was filled with Tron Light Cycle races and deadly disc battles.

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