Due for release shortly after it appears on UK cinema screens the world over, the TRON Legacy DVD will keep alive a world run by computer programs with a penchant for gladiatorial-style games.

Experience all the action of TRON Legacy all over again with the TRON Legacy DVD. Experiencing things no other human has, central TRON character Kevin Flynn has seen a strange digital world and has been attacked by his own creations. He's fought for his life and lived to tell the tale after returning from the dangerous digital realm.

Kevin did what any brilliant video-game designer would do after getting a glimpse of an impossible world: he made it into a Tron game, one filled with Tron Light Cycle races and deadly disc battles.

But that was only the beginning. What will happen in TRON Legacy? Find out when the TRON Legacy DVD is released following the upcoming long-awaited TRON film sequel.

The digital world of TRON, where computer programs of any type assume the behaviour and characteristics of people, is a challenging place to escape from.

Join Kevin Flynn, his son Sam Flynn, Alan Bradley, Gem and others and relive the drama of their attempted escape again and again with the Tron Legacy DVD of this intriguing sci-fi adventure.

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