TRON Daft Punk

It promises to be one of the most exciting film scores of the new decade. French electro duo Daft Punk have been busy working on the Tron Legacy music soundtrack ahead of the return of Kevin Flynn in a new Tron film.

The computer programmer-turned hacker is joined by his son Sam as he attempts to escape the all-encompassing digital world of Tron run by ultra-complicated computer programs: and Daft Punk have provided the perfect score to compliment the pair's adventures.

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, the electronic musicians behind the Tron Daft Punk score, have composed many tracks for the movie, which are being kept under wraps until its release in December.

Fans were, however, given a glimpse of TRON Legacy when the trailer was released in March and, in addition to the incredible high-definition Tron 3D visuals, the production's soundtrack is one of the major talking points.

TRON Legacy is the first film score composed by Daft Punk and is their first music project since their last album Alive and Human After All - the last title of which has parallels with the Tron movies - was released in 2005. Be sure to listen to the Tron Daft Punk soundtrack.

Be sure to check out the TRON Derezzed Daft Punk music video.

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