TRON Clu 2.0

Jeff Bridges takes on the role of Clu 2.0 in TRON Legacy. Originally a search program created by Kevin Flynn to explore the ENCOM mainframe for proof he created the system's most popular games, Clu was found and destroyed by the Master Control Program.

After returning from the Grid, Kevin Flynn has a more specific task in mind; Flynn creates a new and improved Tron Clu 2.0.

Allies of TRON’s Clu include Jarvis, Rinzler, Black Guard and Sentries, with enemies being the program which defy the system rules.
TRON’s Clu 2.0 is the only character in the TRON universe to have yellow energy. He looks just like his user, Kevin Flynn, but talked in a much different voice than his human counterpart. A search program written by Flynn, the original Tron Clu was his best, and fans remember him fondly. Flynn created Clu in the 1982 original Tron film, as a search program, but the new Clu 2.0 is to watch over the TRON system when Kevin is not inside.

Clu's Tron light cycle comes with special programming that gives it some unique capabilities.

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