TRON characters

Enter the Disney TRON universe this year and join all the old TRON characters. Kevin Flynn has experienced things no other human has, exploring and discovering a strange digital world as well as being attacked by his own creations.

He fought for his life and lived to tell the tale, one of the TRON characters that created a digital world all of his own. After returning from the perilous digital realm, Kevin did what any brilliant video-game designer would do after getting a glimpse of an impossible world: he made it into a TRON game, an impressive game filled with TRON Light Cycle races and deadly disc battles – a game called TRON.

Kevin Flynn later disappears and his rebellious son Sam Flynn searches for him in the universe of Tron. Kevin Flynn stars alongside other TRON characters including Gem, Castor, Alan Bradley and Clu.

Taking place years before the events of TRON Legacy; the original story shines a light on the creation of the Grid and shows Flynn’s never-before-seen adventures in this astonishing world, revealing the moment where it all went horribly wrong. Follow the TRON characters Kevin, Sam and Quorra as they get to grips with the Tron universe in TRON Legacy.

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