TRON Legacy Blu Ray

The TRON Legacy Blu Ray will offer an insight into a world where computer programs rule. Gone are the landscapes that humans are familiar with - computer programmer Kevin Flynn has developed a universe that most people couldn't possibly begin to imagine.

Based on everything he’d learned in the first digital world, Flynn built a second, improved version he called the TRON System that was designed to develop and evolve far beyond the first. This world comes into reality on the TRON Legacy Blu Ray.

By perfecting digitisation with a laser and housing the new grid on servers in the basement of his arcade, Kevin Flynn could enter and leave as often as he wanted to research his system. It was a brand new world capable of flourishing in unimaginable and astonishing ways. When the TRON Legacy Blu Ray is released, this world will be accessible on demand.

This time around, the ENCOM employee is trapped in the world of his own making. In fact, he's been there since 1989, at which time his son Sam Flynn was just a small boy. Sam has since grown up into a fearless, if somewhat reclusive man, and after receiving a clue he makes it his mission to find the father he has grown used to living without.

Watch all of the action unfold in the upcoming Tron Legacy Blu Ray

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