Alan Bradley

Actor Bruce Boxleitner stars as Alan Bradley in TRON Legacy. A skilled ENCOM programmer, Alan grew from Kevin Flynn's rival to his best friend after Kevin teamed up with Alan's TRON program inside the grid back in 1982, in order to overcome the Master Control Program.

Also in 1982, Alan Bradley complains to his co-worker and girlfriend Lora Baines about Ed Dillinger and fears losing network access at work due to a hacker. Suspecting Kevin Flynn is the hacker in question, Lora then convinced Alan to help warn him.

Together they break into ENCOM so Kevin can gain access to the mainframe. After being digitized by the Master Control Program, Kevin teams up with Alan Bradleys and Lora's program avatars in the system - Tron and Yori. They then overcome the MCP and stop the corruption of the digital realm.

Kevin hired Alan Bradley as Chief Operating Officer of ENCOM in 1983, more than 20 years ago. Following Kevin's disappearance in 1989, Alan Bradley continued at ENCOM to protect the company in his role of interim Chief Executive Officer and later married Dr Lora Baines.

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