Mickey Mouse Videos

Mickey Mouse Videos have graced our cinema screens and TV sets many times over the years in a series of videos that both children and adults love. The happy-go-lucky mouse is the star of the show in tales of adventure that are full of action, where Mickey and his friends often find themselves in a difficult situation that they need to work themselves out of. There are plenty of near misses in all Mickey Mouse videos, but things usually turn out all right in the end and Mickey Mouse and his friends are ready to embark on another adventure.

As well as getting up to no good, Mickey Mouse videos also show him trying to save his sweetheart Minnie when she finds herself in trouble. His pet dog Pluto and friends Goofy, Donald and Daisy Duck are also always on hand to give their assistance, though sometimes they can cause just as much trouble themselves!

There are always plenty of moments in Mickey Mouse videos for the whole family to laugh at and enjoy as the iconic cartoon characters go on their merry way and you can guarantee that there’ll be a happy ending, which sees the gang reunited and ready to face the world once more.