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Randy Cunningham

He's the evil but rather refined madman responsible for all of the bizarre robots attacking Randy. As McFist's chief mad scientist, Viceroy doesn't really care about money or power, he just wants everyone to appreciate his genius.

Average high school student given the awesome opportunity to be the new Ninja of Norrisville High. Armed with the Ninja Nomicon and his magic ninja suit, Randy will take on monsters and madmen as he attempts to keep that creepy Sorcerer in his hole.

Howard is Randy's best friend. Despite the fact that he's got a huge mouth, Howard is the only person who knows that Randy is the Ninja. But don't worry, he's promised not to tell anyone...probably.

Heidi is Howard's older sister and the host of Norrisville High's #1 Me-Cast: Heidi@School! She's tall, beautiful, popular and on the cutting edge of pretty much everything.

This onetime master of the dark arts ain't lookin' so good after being in a hole for 800 years. In order to escape, the Sorcerer needs to create chaos to build his power. He does this by turning the most vulnerable people in school into rampaging monsters. If he creates enough chaos, he could break free from his prison...and rip the universe to shreds!

Hannibal McFist is the owner of McFist industries which makes or owns just about everything. But the world is not enough for Mcfist. The one thing he wants more than anything is a super power. So he made a deal: if McFist helps the Sorcerer break out of his hole, the Sorcerer will reward McFist with the super human ability of his choosing.

Randy Cunningham

800 years ago, an evil Sorcerer almost took over the world...until a lone ninja warrior imprisoned him deep beneath the earth. Today, Norrisville High School stands atop the Sorcerer's hole, allowing him to create chaos with his supernatural green stank. Luckily, Randy Cunningham has been chosen to be the new Ninja, to protect the innocent from the forces of evil!


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Randy Cunningham

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