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I'm in the Band

When Tripp’s not busy with school, concert gigs, or keeping the Weasel’s on track with his Rocker To-Do List, he writes song lyrics inspired by his dreams of fame.

Iron Weasel's lead singer still rocks the hair like nobody's business. Sure, he's addicted to his Jagger swagger and the guitar he named Dereka, but this bold Brit is really a big ol' teddy bear.

Our meaty bass player is the resident stalker magnet and dispenser of rockadelic wisdom. He boasts dynamic flatulence skills and is equally at ease with his feminine side.

Iron Weasel’s drummer can always be depended on for a good deed, a laugh, and Tug of War Tuesday. He used to have a pet fish named Sushi (and Sushi 2), which both got killed after Burger’s shorted-out bass zapped them.

I'm In The Band

I'm In The Band stars teenage rocker, Tripp Campbell, who lands a dream gig as lead singer for his favourite rock band, Iron Weasel - a trio of rock star misfits trying to return to greatness. Tripp will stop at nothing to help the band and lets them move into his mum's house, where they do their best to turn him into a real rock star! Watch I'm In The Band on Disney XD

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