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Gravity Falls


Dipper is a curious, clever and inventive 12-year old. With his twin sister, Mabel, along for the ride, he dares to uncover Gravity Falls’ secrets using his special talents of monster hunting and puzzle solving! A quote that sums Dipper up is "When life gives you lemons, extract the juice and use it to draw a treasure map in invisible ink. That really works! Seriously!"

Energetic and optimistic, Mabel makes the best of every situation, with a big goofy smile…while constantly annoying her twin brother, Dipper. She has a crazy talent for mimicking animal calls and could knit you a scarf that would put your Grandma to shame. Mabel's view on life in Gravity Falls is this: "When life gives you lemons, draw faces on those lemons and wrap them in a blanket. Ta-daaa! Now you have lemon babies."

Mabel and Dipper’s sly great-uncle, Grunkle Stan, runs the Mystery Shack, a tourist trap full of questionable oddities. When he’s giving tours or asleep on the couch Dipper and Mabel sneak out to explore the town’s secrets... of which there are many in Gravity Falls. And here's Grunkle Stan's lemon quote, which sums him up well! "When life gives you lemons, call them ‘yellow oranges’ and sell them for double the price."

A child psychic whose visions have made him famous in Gravity Falls, 'Lil Gideon claims he can read minds, predict the future, and talk to the dead in his Tent of Telepathy. Dipper is on to his lies. Really, 'Lil Gideon’s only powers are charm and using way too much hair gel!

Wendy is Dipper’s crush - an unusually tall high school girl with a part time job at the Mystery Shack. Hanging out with Wendy can be fun, until her boisterous teenage friends show up!

Soos is the loveable man-child who works at the Mystery Shack gift shop in the heart of Gravity Falls. He likes to be in the centre of the action, whether that’s tagging along on Dipper and Mabel’s adventures or helping Grunkle Stan with his latest scheme. Aside from the kids, he’s the only other person who sees all the strange things happening in Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls follows the adventures of 12 year-old twin brother and sister Dipper and Mabel Pines, whose summer plans are ruined when their parents send them off to their Grunkle Stan in the heart of the town of Gravity Falls. Grunkle Stan introduces Mabel and Dipper to the Mystery Shack, which doubles as his home and his workplace - an overpriced tourist trap which overcharges unlucky visitors for a look at his museum of oddities. Dipper and Mabel soon discover that not all is as it seems in Gravity Falls and they rely on each other and their new friends to discover what's REALLY going on in this strange town... Watch Gravity Falls on Disney XD!


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Gravity Falls

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