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Crash & Bernstein

Amanda is Wyatt’s 16 year-old sister and his biggest challenge. Wyatt can charm his mum and occasionally fool his younger sisters, but Amanda is wickedly smart and notoriously impatient.

Twelve year old Wyatt Bernstein desperately wishes for a brother he could do fun “dude” stuff with and gets just that (and more!) when Crash enters his life. Now Wyatt has to teach his loud-mouth, testosterone-fuelled “brother like no other” what it means to be part of a family, while Crash teaches him how to let loose and have some fun.

Crash is THE ultimate wingman. He's outrageous, wild and unpredictable and just what Wyatt needs. With Crash and his appetite for adventure, Wyatt’s life becomes anything but ordinary.

Cleo is just a year younger than Wyatt and shares a bedroom with him. To keep the peace they’ve added a line that separates room right down the middle. But now that Crash is in the picture all bets are off and the battle for room supremacy is in full effect.

Crash & Bernstein

Living in a house full of girls, Wyatt Bernstein desperately wishes for a brother he could do fun “dude” stuff with. Enter the ultimate wingman Crash, a puppet who comes to life fully equipped with ninja weapons, strong opinions, an attitude, and never ending energy!


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Crash and Bernstein

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